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Worshiping the Lord of the Sabbath

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Realizing the joy and privilege of a Christ-centered Sabbath!

Text: Luke 6:1-5
Date: 01/09/2022, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 47

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Having clearly defined that the Good News of the Kingdom of God was the New Wine of Redemption that could not possibly fit within the framework of a religion like Judaism, Luke goes on to give us a profound illustration. Other than His claim to be the Messiah, there was no confrontation that caused more anger among the Pharisees than Jesus' position on the Sabbath. It struck at the very heart of their legalistic religion of human achievement. The Pharisees had created so many rules surrounding the Sabbath that the original joy of worship was virtually lost. Jesus has come in part to restore that joy and reveal that to truly worship God on the Sabbath was one of the greatest privileges that any human being can have. We will explore both the ridiculous nature of the accusations the Pharisee "achievers" are making, and then put it in the context of the Old Testament example of David and the Bread of the Presence. Ultimately we will realize that the true heart of the Sabbath is the loving desire to "feast with our Bridegroom" and enjoy the privilege of worshiping the Lord of the Sabbath in a way that only a redemption of divine accomplishment can afford!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 6:1-5.
A. Context
1. The healing of the paralytic, Luke 5:20,21,24.
2. The inadequacy of human achievement.
3. Feasting with the Bridegroom, Luke 5:34.
B. A confrontation in the fields on the Sabbath.
1. The perceived transgression, vs. 1.
a. The importance of the Sabbath.
b. In the grainfields.
i. Unanswered questions.
ii. Why they were not stealing, Deut. 23:25.
c. Visualizing the activity.
2. The accusation, vs. 2.
a. The appearance of the Pharisees.
b. The objection.
i. What the Scriptures say, Ex. 20:8-10, 34:21; Num. 15:32; Jer. 17:22.
ii. The obsessive rules surrounding the Sabbath.
iii. The Sabbath "transgression".
3. The Scriptural precedent, vs. 3-4.
a. A mildly sarcastic rebuke, John 3:10.
b. The story of David, vs. 3b-4.
i. David's hungry men, vs. 3b, 1Samuel 21:1-6.
ii. the significance of the Bread of Presence.
iii. David's breach of the law, Lev. 24:9, 1Sam. 21:6
iv. The meaning for David.
v. The meaning for Jesus, Mk. 2:27.
• Jesus was not actually breaking the Law of God.
• The Pharisaical laws were oppressive, Mark 2:27.
• Jesus was and IS God.
vi. A privilege for God's Anointed.
4. The profound justification, vs. 5.
a. The Son of Man, Dan. 7:13-14, Luke 5:24.
b. The Lord of the Sabbath.
i. The meaning of "Lord".
ii. A profound statement of divinity, Gen. 2:1-3.
c. Afterthoughts
III. Application
A. The nature of Christ.
1. No middle ground.
2. The most significant question.
B. The inadequacy of human achievement.
C. Feasting with the Bridegroom, Luke 5:34.
IV. Conclusion

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