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Loving With Your "Redeemed Self"

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Jesus stuns His audience with four commands that are impossible to keep unless we love with our "redeemed self".

Text: Luke 6:27-28
Date: 03/27/2022, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 57

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Some Theologians say that Jesus would never command us to do something that was impossible for us to do. Well, in this morning's text we will consider four commands that seem to contradict their opinion! As Jesus moves beyond the "weals and woes" that introduce His teaching of the Sermon on the Mount, He shocks His audience (both then and now!) with the command to love, not just their neighbors-- but their enemies. We will closely analyze each of these commands-- and in doing so, realize how utterly impossible it is, for the fallen sinner to keep them. In fact, we will make the argument that to keep these commands is only possible if the love being expressed is a love that originates with God, reveals the miracle of redemption that has occurred in our hearts, and thereby brings glory to God! Ultimately, we will realize that the command to love our enemies is indeed possible-- but only if we are loving with our "redeemed-self"!

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I. Introduction, Matt. 17:20.
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 6:27-28.
A. Context
1. Putting the "weals and woes" into perspective.
2. The underlying issue of radical discipleship, Luke 6:20.
3. The idol of "self".
B. Clarifying the idol of "SELF", Eph. 4:20-25, Rom. 7:22-24.
C. Four Kingdom Principles.
1. Loving and doing good, vs. 27.
a. For those who will hear, Mark 4:23, Rev. 2:7, Mark 8:18.
b. The shocking principle to love our enemies, vs. 27a.
i. A command to love.
ii. A command to action.
iii. A radical command, Matt. 5:43, Lev. 19:18.
iv. A humanly impossible command.
c. Unrestricted benevolence, vs. 27b.
i. The action of a redeemed heart.
ii. An action of true benefit.
2. Blessings and prayers, vs. 28.
a. The requirement of a pure heart, vs. 28a.
i. Defining the words.
ii. Asking God for the blessing.
iii. A "higher power" in the curse, Rom. 12:14.
b. The spiritual principle, vs. 28b.
i. The nature of the abuse.
ii. The nature of the prayers, Psa. 35:4, 35:8.
iii. Prayers for salvation.
D. The example of Jesus, Luke 23:34.
III. Application
A. The love of God, 1John 4:7-8.
B. Underscoring the necessity of redemption.
1. The essential transformation.
2. God's plan of redemption, John 3:16, Gen. 3:15, Eph. 2:1-7.
3. An invitation.
C. Sharing God's love.
1. Glory to God!
2. Pursuing a relationship with Christ.
D. A practical application, Luke 4:43, Acts 6:2.
IV. Conclusion

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