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When Resurrection Destroys Destruction!

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Celebrating the Resurrection: when God's Redemption meets Man's Destruction.

Text: John 2:19
Date: 04/17/2022, the Combined service.
Series: "Your Word is Truth"
Occasion: Easter Sunday

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There is one word that rightfully dominates our conversation on Easter Sunday morning, and that is the word "Resurrection". Because, indeed we traditionally gather on this Sunday to celebrate the bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave. Jesus makes that clear in our text for this morning. But He also implies several other words that are essential for truly understanding why the Resurrection is so significant-- words like: "Destruction, Temple, Redemption, Forgiveness, Righteousness, Restoration, Reconciliation, and Relationship". We will consider all of these words this morning and how they go together to describe God's glorious plan of redemption and why it was absolutely necessary. Ultimately we will discover that no matter how desperately humanity has attempted to destroy its relationship with God, the Resurrection shows us how Christ destroys man's destruction!

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I. Introduction, Gen. 3:8-9, Rev. 21:22.
II. Exposition of the text, John 2:19.
A. Context, Ex. 25:22, John 2:16.
B. Destruction and Resurrection, vs. 19.
1. The destruction of the temple and worship.
a. The expanded meaning of "destroy", Matt. 23:29-33.
b. The expanded meaning of "temple".
i. Destroy the temple of my body, John 2:21-22.
ii. Destroy this physical temple, John 2:20.
iii. Destroy the worship that surrounds the temple.
iv. Destroy the assembly of God that meets in the temple.
2. The restoration of the Temple and worship.
a. A Messianic code word, Matt. 12:39, Gen. 22:4.
b. The work of the Restorer.
i. The Resurrection of His body.
ii. Rebuilding the physical temple, John 2:20.
iii. A new concept of worship, John 4:21,23.
iv. A new definition of the church, Jer. 31:1, Gal. 3:11.
3. Getting the "destroyers" and the "Restorer" right.
C. The path from destruction to restoration.
1. The path of destruction.
a. Back to the Garden.
i. The perfect relationship, Gen. 3:8, 1:27-28.
ii. The work of the destroyer, John 10:10.
iii. The curse of the Fall.
iv. The first glimmers of redemption.
• A sacrifice to cover their shame.
• Angels at the gate.
• The Protevangelium, Gen. 3:15.
b. The unfolding of Redemptive history.
i. The Destruction of the "cities of man", Gen. 6:5.
ii. Faith through grace, Gen. 15:6.
iii. The gathering at Mount Horeb.
• An awesome scene.
• The means of temporary redemption and reconciliation.
• The destruction of man's corruption.
• The ultimate purpose of restoration, John 2:20.
2. The path to restoration.
a. The forgiveness of sins, John 1:29, Heb. 9:12.
b. The imputation of righteousness.
c. The restoration of man's destruction, Matt. 27:51.
D. The significance of the Resurrection.
1. The new Temple, 1Pet. 2:4,6,Rev. 1:12-13.
2. The Resurrection of Jesus' body.
3. The restoration of true worship, John 4:23, Heb. 9:11-12, 1Pet. 2:5,9, Heb. 7:26.
4. A new congregation, 1Pet. 2:10, Eph. 2:18-22.
5. The inevitability of judgment, John 14:2-3, Matt. 25:31-3, 2Cor. 5:10.
III. Conclusion

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