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Motives of Reciprocity

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Exploring the all-important role of "motives" in the relationships, actions and emotions of Kingdom Ethics.

Text: Luke 6:32-36
Date: 05/01/2022, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 60

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As Jesus continues to reveal the ethical standards of the Kingdom of God in His epic Sermon on the Mount, He progresses to the hugely important but often overlooked subject of "motives". He will ask those who would follow Him as disciples to consider the intentions of their hearts-- why they do what they do! In other words, if we form relationships, do good deeds and share love and compassion with others expecting something in return, are we any better than the "noble pagan" who outwardly does the same? Ultimately we will determine the one true motive that drove Jesus' life and teaching and should be the goal of every Christian-- to do all that we do for the Glory of God and not the motives of reciprocity!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 6:32-36.
A. Context
1. Revisiting Kingdom ethics.
a. Four principles of Kingdom ethics.
i. The stunning foundational principle.
ii. The other principles built on it.
b. Four examples.
2. The battle with "self".
B. The ethics of "reciprocity", vs. 32-34.
1. Defining our terms.
a. The meaning of "the motives of reciprocity".
i. The meaning of "reciprocity".
ii. The importance of "motive".
iii. Defining the "ethics" of reciprocity.
b. The elements of reciprocity.
i. The equation of reciprocity.
• The disciple.
• "Others" in general.
• The broader equation.
ii. The benefits of reciprocity.
iii. The glory of reciprocity.
c. The noble pagan.
i. The straight-forward definition, Matt. 5:46-47.
ii. A more complex definition.
2. Reciprocal love, vs. 32.
a. The form of reciprocity.
b. The emotions of reciprocity.
i. The condition, Luke 6:27.
ii. The question.
iii. The comparison, Matt. 5:47.
3. The benevolence of reciprocity, vs. 33.
a. The condition, Luke 6:27.
b. The question.
c. The comparison.
4. The finances of reciprocity, vs. 34.
a. The condition, Psa. 37:21, Rom. 13:8.
b. The question.
c. The comparison.
C. The ethics of the Kingdom, vs. 35-36.
1. The Christian's behavior, vs. 35a.
2. The Christian's reward, vs. 35b, Deut. 4:40, Isa. 40:10, Luke 6:22-23, Matt. 6:1-4 Rev. 11:18.
3. The Christian's motivation, vs. 35c.
a. The dangers of "re-directed reciprocity".
b. The right motives, Heb. 1:3.
4. The summation, vs. 36.
III. Application
A. Working on our motives.
B. Glorifying the Father, John 5:41,44, 7:18, 8:50,54, 11:4,40, 12:28, 13:31,32, 17:1,4,5.
IV. Conclusion

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