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Exploring "Kingdom DNA"

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Jesus identifies essential Kingdom traits inherent in our "Kingdom DNA".

Text: Luke 6:37-38
Date: 05/08/2022, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 61

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As Luke continues to take us through Jesus' epic Sermon on the Mount, he delves deeper and deeper into Kingdom ethics and the essential attributes Jesus' disciples will need as they help usher in the Kingdom of God. In our text for this message Jesus uses four imperatives to further reveal how His followers can reflect His own nature and thereby the very nature of His Heavenly Father. Because of the wording of the statements and their misuse and misinterpretation by the culture, we will be careful to analyze each one in order to clearly understand what Jesus is and is not saying. Ultimately we will discover that He is revealing behavior that should be intrinsically embedded in the very fiber of the born again Christian-- so deeply that it is rooted in their "Kingdom DNA".

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 6:37-38.
A. Context, Luke 6:35-36.
B. Exploring Kingdom genetics.
1. Overview
a. Four essential Kingdom traits.
b. The nature of the imperatives.
c. Identifying the audience, Luke 6:20.
2. Four necessary traits of Kingdom Dwellers, vs. 37-38a.
a. Do not be judgmental, vs. 37a.
i. What Jesus is not saying.
• Scriptural calls for discernment, Matt. 10:16,7:6; Col. 4:5; 2John 10;, 1Cor. 5:5,11-13; 1Tim. 5:20.
• Jesus judged others, Luke 11:42-44, 20:46-47.
• The inevitability of divine judgments, Matt. 25:41,46, 12:36; Luke 10:14; John 5:22, 7:24, 9:39, 12:31.
• A discussion of human judgments, Matt. 18:15-17, 7:15.
ii. What Jesus is saying, Luke 6:36, 41-42.
b. Do not be condemnatory, vs. 37b.
i. What Jesus is not saying, Psa. 34:21; 1Kings 8:32; Matt. 12:37; John 3:18.
ii. What Jesus is saying.
c. Be forgiving, vs. 37c.
i. What Jesus is not saying.
• Salvation is NOT by works, Eph 2:8-9.
• Broken promises, Psa. 103:12, Jer. 31:34, Titus 3:5.
ii. What Jesus is saying.
• A message for believers.
• A necessary Kingdom trait, Rom. 8:1, 33-34; Luke 6:32.
• The clear teaching of the Gospels, Luke 7:47; Matt. 18:32-33, 21-22.
d. Be generous givers, vs. 38a.
i. What Jesus is not saying.
• Examining the motives, Luke 6:35.
• Questionable spiritual "DNA", Luke 9:23-25, 18:22-25.
ii. What Jesus is saying, Gen. 24:1, 26:12; 1Kings 3:13; Job 42:10.
3. A good measure, vs. 38b.
a. A delightful image, Ruth 3:15.
b. The summarizing statement, 2Cor. 9:6-7; Mark 4:25.
III. Application
A. Refining the idea of Kingdom DNA.
1. The DNA of the natural man or woman.
2. A spiritual "Genetic Rebirth".
3. Paying close attention to your "DNA".
B. Staying out of the ditches.
1. The ditch on the right, Rom. 7:21-25.
2. The ditch on the left.
IV. Conclusion

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