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My Hope is in the Lord!

by The Elders

A reading sermon in the absence of Pastor Kirby.

Text: Daniel 6:16-28
Date: 05/22/2022, the Combined service.

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After 18 years It finally happened-- Pastor Kirby got the flu a few hours before the service and was not able to bring the message. Thankfully he had prepared a reading sermon for just such an occasion, and Elder Clayton Andrews read it beautifully. We will concentrate on the central themes that have dominated the stories in the first 6 chapters of Daniel. Namely the overwhelming power and wisdom of God in the face of the raging of the nations of men, and the power of faith as He delivers His people from the jaws of death. We will make a profound connection between the beloved story of Daniel's miraculous deliverance from the lion's den and the beloved story of the Gospel, especially focusing on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. When confronted by the omnipotence and omniscience of God, and His promise to always protect and save His people, the machinations of men seem far less daunting. Ultimately, with our faith thus bolstered, we can stand with Daniel and say to the powers that oppress us, "Let the nations rage! My hope is in the Lord!"

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