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Our Living Hope

by The Elders

Peter beautifully expresses the Living Hope we have in Jesus.

Text: 1Pet. 1:3-5
Date: 05/29/2022, the Combined service.

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For the second Sunday in a row, Pastor Kirby was absent with COVID. Elder Will Aviles read this sermon in his absence. In a masterpiece of Theological and Christological revelation, Peter begins the content of his first letter with a doxology to the redemptive work of God in history. However Peter might have struggled with Christ's mission and purpose before Pentecost, it is clear by this awe-inspiring text that he finally got it! For it is one of the most beautiful, most succinct and clearest expressions of God's plan of redemption, the Christian hope, and the core of the Christian faith that can be found in Scripture-- and all in just three verses! So in this study we will join Peter as he praises God for His perfect work in human history with this doxology for redemption.

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