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Becoming Petrified Christians

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Becoming rock-solid disciples by assimilating the Words of Christ.

Text: Luke 6:47-49
Date: 06/19/2022, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 65

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Jesus concludes His epic Sermon on the Mount with a familiar parable about two builders-- one wise and one foolish. The wise builder digs deep to ground his house on solid rock while the foolish builder trusts the loose topsoil. When a storm comes the house with no foundation is swept away and the other withstands the torrent. Jesus of course is using an analogy to teach how important it is for our Christian faith and the churches we attend to be firmly grounded and indeed built upon the Word of God. After analyzing the parable, we will dig deeper to determine what Jesus means by a "firm foundation" and the only place it can currently be found. Ultimately we will speak of the process whereby grounded Christians begin to assimilate the rock-solid foundation of the Words of Christ, and little by little become "petrified" Christians!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 6:47-49.
A. Context, Luke 6:45,46.
B. The parable of the wise and foolish builders.
1. Hearing and doing, vs. 47.
a. Identifying the builders.
i. Two distinct groups.
ii. An image of the "visible" church.
b. Elements of faith.
i. Calling Jesus "Lord, Lord".
ii. Coming to Jesus, John 14:6, 10:9.
iii. Hearing the Words of Jesus, Matt. 13:14-15.
iv. Doing what Jesus says, James 2:17-18.
2. The parable of two houses, vs. 48-49.
a. Setting the scene.
i. The raging torrent.
ii. The firm foundation.
iii. The houses.
b. The wise builder, vs. 48.
c. The foolish builder, vs. 49.
C. Interpretation
1. Interpreting the house, 1Pet. 2:4-5.
2. Interpreting the "firm foundation", John 17:8,14,17, Heb. 1:1-2, 2Pet. 1:19-21.
III. Application
A. Knowing how to find the Words of Christ.
1. Identifying the source of the foundation.
a. Learning from the Great Awakening, John 14:26.
b. The false teachers of today.
2. Understanding the nature of the firm foundation, 1Cor. 3:10-11, Eph. 2:19-22, Rev. 21:12, 14.
3. The significance of the written Word, John 16:13, Acts 2:42, 6:4.
B. Being a petrified Christian.
1. Understanding the analogy, Matt. 16:16,18, John 1:42.
2. Peter as an example of "petrification", 1Pet. 1:3-5, 2:6-8.
3. Assimilating the Firm Foundation.
IV. Conclusion

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