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Tears of Worship

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Learning the meaning of Christ-honoring worship from the tears of a woman of ill-repute.

Text: Luke 7:36-38
Date: 08/14/2022, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 72

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After a poignant parable of the hypocrisy of those who rejected the the Good News as preached by both John the Baptist and Jesus, Luke gives us a surprising illustration of the kind of worship that flows from the full-orbed Gospel. A woman of ill-repute publicly anoints Jesus with both her tears and an expensive ointment in a profound act of worship. We will analyze the first three verses of this story and concentrate on the nature of this woman, the nature of her contrition, and therefore the nature of her worship. After identifying the various aspects of her worship, we will consider how our own worship measures up. In other words, when we come together to worship our Lord, is there the same compulsion, the same courage, the same humility, the same contrition, the same passionate love, the same reverence and the same Christ-honoring focus as was evident in this woman whose "sins were many"? And ultimately, as we approach the Lord's Table and celebrate His great sacrifice, to ask ourselves, "Are our hearts truly bathed in the tears of worship?"

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 7:36-38.
A. Context
B. A redeemed woman's act of worship.
1. The Pharisee's invitation, vs. 36.
a. Overview
b. The nature of the invitation, Luke 6:27-28.
c. The nature of the meal.
2. The woman of the city, vs. 37.
a. The nature of the woman, Luke 7:48.
b. An uninvited guest.
c. The alabaster gift.
3. The woman's act of worship, vs. 38.
a. The tears of the forgiven.
i. Taking a risk.
ii. When the clouds break.
iii. Realizing her unintentional mess.
b. The provocative foot-washing.
c. The overt show of affection.
d. No sexual innuendo.
e. The anointing.
C. Interpretation
1. Themes of the overall story.
2. Themes of this story.
a. Ministering to the defiled, Luke 5:31-32.
b. The Kingdom-value of humility.
c. Life-changing forgiveness.
i. A legacy of forgiveness, Luke 5:20,21.
ii A woman redeemed.
d. Mortification over past sins.
3. Analyzing the tears of worship.
a. The compulsion to worship.
b. The affection of worship.
c. The gifts of worship.
III. Application
A. Marks of true worship.
1. The compulsion to worship.
2. Mortification over sins.
3. Love for your Redeemer.
4. Honor and glory to Christ, Rev. 5:11-14.
B. Turning to the Lord's Table.
IV. Conclusion

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