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Perils of the Obdurate Heart

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Exploring the dangers and mechanics of a heart hardened to God's revelation.

Text: Luke 8:8-10
Date: 09/18/2022, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 77

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In what seems like an interlude between the parable of the sower and its interpretation, Jesus instructs his disciples on the nature of revelation. His revelation is selective, speaking through parables to reveal the truth to some while obscuring it from others. He divides the world into two groups, those who will listen and accept His message and those who will not. But even though He clearly establishes God's sovereignty in choosing those who will "know" the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, this does not soften His warning to those with hardened hearts who reject it. We will grapple with the profound principles embedded in this short passage, concerning the parallel Scriptural teaching on God's sovereignty and human responsibility. Ultimately we will recognize the peril of the obdurate heart which becomes so hardened it can neither see nor hear God's clear revelation. But rather than question God's fairness in His election we will praise Him for the mercy that changes hardened hearts into believing, redeemed souls-- cultivated by the Holy Spirit to receive the glorious "seed" of the Gospel.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 8:8b-10.
A. Context
1. The Seeds of the Kingdom.
2. The parable from the perspective of the sower.
3. A living parable, Luke 8:1, 4:43.
4. The obdurate Jews, Luke 5:21.
B. The dangers and mechanics of a heart hardened to God's revelation.
1. The warning of the perils of obduracy, vs. 8b.
a. An important message, Luke 23:46.
b. Emphasis on the words.
i. Resounding in the past.
ii. Resonating in the present.
c. The final word.
2. The confusion, vs. 9.
3. Selective revelation, vs. 10.
a. A clear distinction.
i. A specific group of believers, Mark 4:10.
ii. A very broad group of non-believers.
b. A gift of grace.
c. The gift of knowing the "mysteries".
i. The gift of knowledge, John 3:16.
ii. The mysteries of the Kingdom of God.
1) Defining "secrets".
2) Unveiling the "secrets of the Kingdom".
3) What prophets and angels long to see, Luke 10:24, 1Pet. 1:10-12.
d. Parables with dual intentions.
i. The liberal scattering of seed.
ii. The requirement of illumination, Acts 8:30-31, John 14:25-26.
e. Selective revelation.
i. The idea of purpose.
ii. The exclusivity of revelation, Isa. 6:9-10.
iii. The clear statement of human responsibility.
1) No problem with their faculties.
2) No lack of revelation.
3) Yet their understanding is veiled.
III. Application
A. Grappling with selective revelation.
1. Scripture's answer, Rom. 9:14,20.
2. Modern Evangelicalism's point of view, Psa. 14:2-3, Rom. 9:15,16.
B. Grappling with divine sovereignty and human responsibility.
1. The clear teaching of Scripture, Rom. 9:19, Isa. 29:16, Acts 2:23.
2. Hard hearts made harder.
a. Matthew's perspective, Matt. 13:13, John 3:19.
b. Luke's perspective, Luke 8:10, Rom. 1:18,26.
c. The bottom line.
C. Counting our blessings.
IV. Conclusion

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